Open the pages of one of Elaine Gugin Maddex’s books and you’ll step into the world of the eccentric and lovable Tessy McGuigan. Tessy has a very active life, complete with love interests, mysteries, an arch nemesis, and the love of the entire town (almost). Meet Tessy, the Tucker family, Tessy’s family, both in Ladyslipper and abroad, as well as countless charming characters who grace the pages of Elaine’s books.

More than a Wise Woman, introduces you to Tessy, the Tucker family, and other town folk. Ladyslipper is a small prairie town, but it has plenty going on! When things get to be too much, Tessy retires to the library where she speaks with her beloved Dermot, her deceased husband. There’s trouble brewing in Ladyslipper, and the venom of one unhappy woman is aimed directly at Tessy. Busy bodies brand her as a witch, while the town discovers the healing powers of this wise woman. Through it all, Tessy welcomes the towns newest family and they become fast friends. That’s when things take an unexpected turn as Tessy meets the patriarch of the family, Dr. Marshall Tayse. Herbal remedies, chants, delicious recipes, family fun, a touch of mischief, and a whole lot of entertainment wrapped up in one easy read.

Wise Woman’s Manor, finds Tessy adding a pinch of this and a dab of that to her potions that help heal the people of Ladyslipper. This time around love is in the air. There are new relatives to meet, tales of long ago love to tell, and love matches to be made. Tessy finds herself falling for the handsome doctor, and continues to gain comfort and peace of mind by talking to her dearly departed Dermot. All around her life bustles along.  There’s a centuries old mystery that may have to be solved in Ireland, and a wedding to plan. The town’s busy body is still sniffing around causing trouble. You’ll have to read to the end to find out if Tessy solves the mystery and gets her happy ending.

Wise Woman’s Homage has Tessy, a mature wise woman, off to Ireland on her honeymoon.  Tessy, Marshall, and Tessy’s twin brother Keenan try to solve the mystery of her parents’ death. Ancient words are translated, leads are followed and the deadly truth is revealed. All the while, the honeymooners travel to ancient, exotic and magic places in Ireland. Once the couple returns home to Ladyslipper, there are even more mysteries solved. This book is part travel log, party mystery, part romance and completely entertaining.

The Magick of New Beginnings is back in Ladyslipper and things are heating up. Sage shares her exciting news about her pregnancy with Tessy McGuigan. Then they discover a murder at Ashling Manor; a visit from an early morning thief; a snowstorm that sends the town out searching in fear; and a blessed Christmas for a sweet, once forgotten, elderly neighbour. And, as always, Mrs. Chamberlain, the local curmudgeon, is never shy to share her opinions.

A dark, negative energy lurks through the halls of Ashling Manor and causes disturbing dreams and knots in the pit of Tessy’s stomach. Tessy accelerates her Wise Woman lessons with Sage as they begin to lay the groundwork to protect their loved ones from the evil that endangers them. Tessy even gets assistance from a visiting ally from another realm. They make plans to banish the evil that threatens the very lives of Sage and Tommy’s wee twin babes.

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I had the absolute pleasure of being one of the first to read Elaine’s first book, More Than a Wise Woman. Tessy and the Tucker family grabbed my heart within the first few pages. What followed was a light-hearted read chock full of stories that made me smile, get a little angry (Mrs. Chamberlain evokes that kind of reaction), and giggle with delight. Elaine is a skilled and imaginative writer who succeeded in putting forth a book that can brighten any reader’s day. – Angelika, Edmonton, AB

I have read all four of Elaine’s books and every one of them delivers a great story. I found myself laughing, crying, worried and happy as I read each and every one of them. Elaine is a master at evoking emotion and making magical realism feel like an everyday part of life. Wee folk, potions, communing with animals, all feel natural in all of her books. If you want a feel-good read, these are the books for you! Each book is great on it’s own; however, I do recommend you start with the first one and go forward from there. Happy reading everyone!  – Dee, Victoria, BC


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