With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I thought I’d create a little fun!

Prize: A signed, free copy of any one of my books.

Contest details:

Tessy’s Busy Day

Tag along on Tessy’s busy day and see if you can tell me where she goes. Study the rustic map (sorry, I’m no artist!) and follow the clues. Type your answers (1 – 10) in the order they appear and send them to me at or message me on my Elaine Gugin Maddex FB page. I will put the correct entries in a bucket and pick a lucky winner.

Contest closing date: April 30, 2022

Draw date: May 1, 2022

Rustic’ Map of Ladyslipper, Saskatchewan!


Get your comfy shoes on … Here we go:

  1. It’s Tuesday morning and Tessy is off to where she always goes on Tuesday morning.
  2. After she finishes there she decides to pick up a bagel for lunch.
  3. She stops for a minute to check on her stock of products she sells.
  4. Then she mails a parcel.
  5. She’s soon on her way to teach her afternoon herbal class.
  6. After class she is feeling a little sore and tired so goes for a massage.
  7. Before heading home she needs to pick up some whole-wheat flour and dried apricots.
  8. She remembers she wanted one more tropical plant for her fountain.
  9. That evening, she is invited out for supper with Penny, Sky and Susan. They go to Sky’s sister’s restaurant.
  10. After a long day, Tessy gladly returns home to her welcomed bed.