Elaine’s Books

Elaine Gugin Maddex loves to write and it shows. A prolific writer with a great imagination, you are sure to be entertained as she takes you into the world of Tessy McGuigan.

Below are links to her current books with descriptors of each. You can purchase all of her books from Amazon, at local bookstores and directly from the author.

The first in the series, start here. You won’t be disappointed.

Welcome to Tessy’s world and meet the charming, and some not so charming, townspeople and her family in Ladyslipper.

More Than a Wise Woman


Wise Woman's Manor

Second in the series.

Tessy finds love again but there are still many a bumpy road to travel with your favourite wise woman.

Wise Woman’s Manor


Wise Woman's Homage

Third in the series.

Travel back to Ireland with Tessy and her husband as they delve into the past and uncover the mystery that plagues her family.

Wise Woman’s Homage


Fourth in the series.

New life comes to Ashling Manor but will it be safe from the meddlings of spirits from the other side? And why is the town grump such a bitter person? Find out in this thrilling cozy mystery.

The Magick of New Beginnings