The Magick of New Beginnings

When Sage shares her exciting news about her pregnancy with Tessy McGuigan, Tessy couldn’t be happier for Sage and Tommy. While Tessy relishes the thoughts of baby cuddles and changing nappies, she wonders if Sage and Tommy will continue a deep-rooted family tradition?

Life is never dull in Ladyslipper, Saskatchewan. There’s a murder at Ashling Manor; a visit from an early morning thief; a snowstorm that sends the town out searching in fear; and a blessed Christmas for a sweet, once forgotten, elderly neighbour.
And, as always, Mrs. Chamberlain, the local curmudgeon, is never shy to share her opinions. However, some dug up memories could possibly change that.

As the months march on there are changes at Ashling Manor. A dark, negative energy lurks through its halls and causes disturbing dreams and knots in the pit of Tessy’s stomach. Tessy accelerates her Wise Woman lessons with Sage as they begin to lay the groundwork to protect their loved ones from the evil that endangers them.

Much to her delight, Tessy welcomes the assistance of a visiting ally from another realm. They make plans to banish the evil that threatens the very lives of the wee twin babes.

So dear reader, put on a pot of tea, find a cozy chair and get ready for another Tessy adventure filled with enchantment and miracles in The Magick of New Beginnings.

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