Wise Woman’s Homage

Wise Woman's HomageNewlyweds, Tessy McGuigan and Marshall Tayse have boarded the plane and are headed to Tessy’s beloved homeland, magical Ireland, for their honeymoon. As with any newlywed couple they look forward to sightseeing, romantic evenings and just relaxing. However, there is a mystery to be solved in the mix of their enchanting holiday. An amulet, along with a strange note written in Gaelic, left by her mother four decades ago, needs to be translated before the mystery can be solved. While visiting her twin brother and family on their homestead, Tessy discovers some disturbing information regarding their parents’ death and she needs answers. But is she ready to face the truth?

Follow the honeymooners on their adventures as they start out in Dublin, spend time at the Dubai Irish Derby and sightsee through beautiful south and central Ireland. Capture and enjoy all the breathtaking scenery, haunted castles, cathedrals and lively pubs Ireland is so famous for.

Tessy finds it bittersweet when she has to say good-bye to her homeland one more time. Once they arrive home to Ladyslipper, Saskatchewan in Canada, they discover a few more exciting surprises. There are new beginnings, romance, and a new-found purpose that will lend homage to a long-standing family legacy.

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